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By Dale Brown

Based at the Armstrong house Station orbiting the earth, the Black Stallion spaceplanes of normal Patrick McLanahan's Aerospace conflict strength can assault any objective on this planet inside of hours—and its robust community of satellites can invade any laptop community as simply as creating a cell name. Western-educated Russian president Leonid Zevitin, one of many ABF's most deadly adversaries, is set to ruin all aid for the distance software by utilizing a powerful mixture of top-secret anti-spacecraft weaponry, fear-mongering, and a brand new U.S. president's personal egotism.

But McLanahan and his forces won't let the Russian aggression to face. Sensing deep-seated treachery, the overall ignores directives from the White apartment and Pentagon and dispatches the ABF to assault mystery Russian bases in Iran—which leads to a presidential order for his instant arrest. yet sooner than they could throw Patrick McLanahan in felony, the govt. should work out the best way to retrieve him from his stronghold in space.

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Sir, as we’ve mentioned sooner than, below the Outer area Treaty no kingdom can limit entry or go back and forth via outer space,” Carlyle reminded the President. “Legally area starts off 100 kilometers from Earth’s floor. The spaceplane can climb into area quick sufficient whereas over pleasant international locations, open ocean, or the ice packs, and as soon as up there can fly round with no violating anyone’s sovereign airspace. They do it—” “I don’t provide a shit what it says in an out of date forty-year-old treaty! ” the President thundered. “For many months now we have been fascinated by discussions with Zevitin and the United countries to return up with the way to alleviate the nervousness felt by way of many worldwide to spaceplane and area station operations with out proscribing our personal entry to house or revealing labeled info. till we had anything labored out, I made it transparent that I didn’t wish the spaceplanes flitting round unnecessarily making parents worried and interfering with the negotiations. crucial missions in basic terms, and that intended resupply and nationwide emergencies—I needed to individually approve all different missions. Am I improper, or have I now not licensed the other spaceplane flights lately? ” “Sir, basic Cannon should have felt it vital sufficient to release this flight without—” “Without my approval? He thinks he can simply blast off into house with no anyone’s permission? Where’s the emergency? Is the spaceplane going to dock with the gap station? who're the 3 passengers? Do you even understand? ” “I’ll installed a decision to common Cannon, sir,” Carlyle stated, opting for up the telephone. “I’ll get the entire info at once. ” “This is a damned nightmare! this can be uncontrolled! ” the President thundered. “I need to know who’s accountable for this, and that i wish his ass out! Do you pay attention me? except struggle has been declared or extraterrestrial beings are attacking, i would like whoever’s accountable for this shit-canned! i need to talk with Cannon myself! ” Carlyle positioned his surrender the phone’s mouthpiece as he waited and acknowledged, “Sir, I recommend I converse with basic Cannon. preserve an arm’s-length distance from this. If it’s only a education flight or anything, you don’t are looking to be perceived as leaping off the deep finish, specially after simply conversing with the president of Russia. ” “This is critical, Conrad, and that i wish it transparent to my generals that i need these spaceplanes below tight control,” the President stated. “Are you convinced that’s the way you are looking to deal with it, Joe? ” Kordus requested in a quiet voice. “Reaching down previous Secretary Turner to decorate down a four-star common is undesirable shape. on the way to beat somebody up, choose on Turner—he was once the ultimate authority for that spaceplane release. ” “Oh, I’ll supply Turner a bit of my brain too, you could guess on that,” the President acknowledged angrily, “but Cannon and that different man, the three-star—” “Lieutenant normal Backman, commander of CENTAF. ” “Whatever. Cannon and Backman were struggling with me too challenging and too lengthy over this house armed forces proposal of McLanahan’s, and it’s approximately time to convey them again into line—or, higher, put off them.

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